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Hedin Bil - Halmstad Bilvaruhuset

Bilhandlare i Halmstads kommun, Hallands län
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Olofsdalsvägen 33, 302 41 Halmstad, Sweden



Bought a used car from here a while ago. Hedin Certified. The experience was wonderful until I paid my payment. My salesman was not working on the day I planned to collect the car, so he said he will ask his co-worker to help me with the collection. I thought fair enough, nobody works 7 days a week. But when we were there collecting the car, his co-worker was so busy with his own customer he said to me “I don’t want to be rude but are you finished yet? Because my customer is waiting.” He just drove the car in front of the store and give me the key, hand me the paper (this is another story) and ask me to sign if we decided. I thought they must have some sort of PDI for a certified used car, so I look around and nothing seems wrong to me because I’m not an expert. I signed the paper and left. He said he will ask his co-worker (my salesman) to send me a copy of the thing I signed. Which I haven’t receive it till this day (I only waited 3 months.) and the salesman doesn’t reply my email.
Here comes the funny part. As I mentioned they probably they don’t have any sort of PDI for used car. If you zoom in a little bit in the first picture(I took this picture before I even move the car just in case you know) you can see the front driver side tire is not properly inflated (actually none of them are because this car request a surprisingly high pressure). Weirdly the tpms didn’t tell me my tire is low on air. I guess they just press the set pressure in the car and call it a day. Although I inflate all four tires to factory recommend (44psi, 3 bar) but this still leaves some damage. You can see the result in the second picture. I found a crack in the inside of the tire when I change my summer tires to winter tire. If it’s on the outside then it might be my fault, maybe I hit a curb or something. But it’s in the inside of the tire (it says inside on picture 3) and there’s no damage around the crack. I doubt it’s my problem.
In conclusion I give them 2 stars for now, -1 because of the slow/no reply to my email. -1 because of bad PDI and my tire incident. Another -1 because this car has some other weird stuff going on and those people haven’t replied my warranty request yet. (they claim as long as it’s not some consumables if it goes wrong, they will fix it, or even better, let me fix it in another Hedin bil dealer or a Volkswagen Dealer) The rating might change as my warranty hasn’t finished yet.
Enough about negative stuff, here’s some positive stuff:
The salesman is very helpful before I bought the car. They answer all my questions (quite knowledgeable) and invite me to take a test drive.
The store is very nice and tidy. Many cars to choose from, all the way from budget cars to luxury cars and a lot of in between. Big parking lot and a lot of brands.
The day I collect the car. I realized one of the mechanical key is missing so I emailed one of their salesman and they ordered it for me right away. They even mailed it to me so I saved a 200km trip.
They are honest about the cars. I asked what I need to do when I get the car. My salesman told me it might need a new battery and when I get the car, it already got a new battery.
Room for improvement:
Better PDI, check the air pressure in the tire after the car has been sitting in the lot for a long time.
Maybe give me the contact info of the service guy/warranty person if all the salesmen are busy
Ad Jam

Not nice people. We drove from far to check one car and we have been really badly received. That we were late, who we want to meet, why... While we called before and they were very enthusiastic.
Plus the car was in a bad state with many scratches in the trunk due to the previous owner having a dog. Something they could have told me on the phone before I drive more than 2 hours when I asked what we the state of the car.
The main issue was the way we have been received. After briefly checking the car we wanted we directly left as we were feeling really uncomfortable.
Velimir Podrić

yrkesmässig service
Dany john

Trevlig service, mycket bra människor
Mariusz Jakubik

Collince Onyango

Frídur Dungal

Jag åkte dit med min mamma för att titta på en ny bil och personalen var mycket hjälpsam och professionell. De hjälpte oss från A till Z och vi var mycket nöjda med deras tjänster.
Fredrik Håkansson

Karina Maria ka

Vänlig och hjälpsam personal
Henrik Simonsen

Bästa servicen någonsin. Och tydligen de bästa priserna. Fortsätt med det fantastiska arbetet.

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